Hello and Welcome to the Woodsberry Random Legacy!

If this is your first visit, all you need to know is that the Woodsberry is a family of witches whom I’m subjecting to the Random Legacy. It’s going to be fun, or so I hope. I’m already very excited to get this story rolling and I have many ideas for it. While I will be playing with the Random Legacy rules, I do have a story for my clan and I hope you all enjoy it.

To learn more on what the Random Legacy is, see the rules or even the great community on modthesim.

I hope you enjoy the story and look forward to lots of wrenches thrown into my plans because of the rolls!

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1.4 Much to Learn

Screenshot-40One of my favorite things to do was to peek in on Mark while he worked. He always opened the door when he did, letting in the breeze and the sounds from the neighborhood. It was pleasant and sometimes I would stand and watch him while he worked. He didn’t seem to mind nor did he really seemed to notice me when I did. He always got so wrapped up in his work, but I suppose that was for the best.

Screenshot-42As for me, I was climbing the ladder at work. I was now on the maintenance team. We had to rig the lights, make sure they worked right, set the props up, tear them down and do other things of labor. It was hard work, I won’t lie. I often came home tired but moreso now than ever. I felt constantly sick and tired. I was growing worried for myself. I tried to tell Mark but his only suggestion was to go to the hospital – where the modern healers resided. I couldn’t bring myself to go there. I was unfamiliar with their tactics and I found myself staying home and calling off work, telling them I was terribly sick. I was letting my coworkers down though and I felt terrible.

Screenshot-43So it was in the early morning, I found myself calling my aunt before I had even gotten dressed and spilling my heart out to her. She and Jared had moved to town no so long ago. Jared had met someone online here and had moved in with them. Mark joked his father would get married to his new boyfriend before we would ever get married. I sometimes wondered if he was right in that sense. Not that I was in a hurry to get married. I was happy with our relationship now.

Still, as I told my aunt everything, she sounded worried and finally told me she would be coming over right away. I was happy. Mark would sleep in late today. He had been up very late and I could talk to my aunt privately and hopefully she knew enough healing magic to heal whatever was making me ill.

Screenshot-44She breezed through my door less than an hour later, still looking as she always had. Forever young, her voice echoing gently as if from a great distance. I could see she looked weary though and was it me or did she look more…faded? Was the magic that kept her around failing her? Or was it something else?

Screenshot-45“Tell me again, child” She bid me and I did tell her again. I told her of the last few weeks of feeling sick and tired, of sleepless nights and becoming exhausted more and more easily. I told her how my ankles and back ached and how I feared I had become dreadfully ill.

Screenshot-46“Hold still while I cast a spell” She didn’t wait for me to back up, she did it first, drawing her wand from her dress. She held it before her and began to chant while I watched, trying to understand the words she was saying. She said them fast, as if she had said them many times before. I realized how little I knew of magic. Mother had never been the best teacher. Suddenly I wished terribly that Aunt Arya had been my mother. She would have been the type of mother I needed. Much better than my own.

I didn’t have time to think anymore because she suddenly dropped her wand arm and just stared at me. I figured that was a bad sign. I clutched the front of my shirt, feeling tears start to form in my eyes.

“What?” I asked, breathless.

Screenshot-47She came forward, placing her hand on my stomach. She said the words I couldn’t believe, not at first.

“You are with child, dearheart”

It took me a long moment and I looked at her and a smile spread across her face. A peaceful sort, that I had only seen on her face once or twice. She lifted her hand off my stomach and I placed my hand where her’s once was. I closed my eyes and I felt the truth in her words. I was expecting my first child and I couldn’t have been more excited.

Screenshot-49“Do you think we’re having a boy?” Mark said, pressing his ear to my barely bulging stomach, “Or a girl?” He seemed excited either way and I chuckled gently.

“I don’t know” I said for the millionth time. “Does it matter?”

“No” He said, and he leaned up to look at my grinning. “But I want to know anyway”

So impatient this man was. I was only a few months along and I had convinced him that the doctor’s was not the place for me. My Aunt had been attending to me.  I told him I felt more comfortable with her watching over me and my child. He agreed to that and even agreed to allow me a homebirth, as long as my Aunt was there to watch over me then as well.

Screenshot-50“I can’t wait until tomorrow” He said then, holding me close.

“I can’t either” I told him giddily. We were getting married. As soon as he learned that I was expecting, he suggested we marry before the baby was born. I wasn’t expecting that but we decided it would be a small ceremony.

Screenshot-52Before we knew it, the day had arrived. It was set in the early afternoon. Mark’s dad arrived first and they stayed inside the house to chat. It seemed that Jared had indeed gotten married to his boyfriend Chuck before me and Mark could get married. I could only chuckle as I heard Mark’s disbelief as I slipped out the door and walked towards where my Aunt prepared our wedding arch.

Screenshot-51She was casting spells over the arch. I wasn’t sure if it was to make the flowers grow or to ensure me and Mark had a lasting and happy marriage. Either way, I looked at her handy work and smiled. Our day would be small, but perfect.

Screenshot-53“Thank you Aunt Arya. Thank you for everything you’ve done” I told her, as she stepped away from the arch. She smiled simply.

“Child, you are the daughter of my heart. How could I ever deny you?” Her words made my heart soar. I smiled, through the sudden tears that overtook my eyes. “No wet eyes yet, dearheart.” She chided softly and I turned, seeing Mark coming, Jared following behind. It was time.

Screenshot-55Our vows were simple, short, declarations of love and commitment. I’m sure they weren’t different from any other vows said by any other couple. Only my Aunt and his father stood to watch us say them.

Screenshot-57As I slid the ring onto his finger, I knew I had found my soulmate. I knew I would be happy and taken care of for the rest of my days. He would support my dreams and I his. Our children would be happy and perfect, for they were a part of each of us.

Screenshot-58As I gazed into his eyes for the first time as his wife, as I knew that I would never leave his side, my heart flooded with happiness. The simple golden bands we had chosen to wear as our wedding rings seems so insignificant compared to the love I felt in my heart.

Screenshot-59And as I kissed him for the first time as his wife, I felt the baby in my tummy kick, for the first time as well. I knew the baby was just running off my own excitement, but it seemed a sign. This day was perfect and there was nothing that could ruin it for me.

Screenshot-60Aunt Arya wiped a tear from her eye, Jared sighed and I heard him say “You can plainly see true love”

“And we can only be proud of them” I heard Aunt Arya’s reply. I was proud of myself and Mark too, positively beaming. Mark soon let me go so he could speak to his father. He said he had something he wanted to discuss and that left me with my Aunt Arya.

Screenshot-63When she came up to me, I noticed how weak she looked. Did she look thinner? It was hard to tell. These past few months had passed so fast and there had been so much happening in them since I was expecting. She sighed gently, her voice a hollow echo of what it once had been.

“I’m happy I saw your wedding” She said to me softly. “I wish I could stay to see your child born. How proud I would be to hold that babe in my arm, just once”

“Wh…What do you mean?” I asked.

Screenshot-61“Child, my soul remained tied to this world for only one reason and…I found that reason has…has passed.” She didn’t seem to want to explain and I found myself confused. I opened my mouth to speak but she kept talking. “And without that reason, my soul is starting to fade. I will be pulled back to the OtherWorld soon enough and I could keep fighting it but…I am weary child. I should be an old lady now and yet my body, if you can call it that, is younger than you are.”

“But Aunt Arya…you helped me. Who am I to turn to if you leave me?” I asked her.

“You have the magic within you, Cecilia. Stronger than me, stronger than your mother. Look to it when you need guidance. It has never failed me…it will never fail you” She leaned forward and kissed my forehead. “I have loved you as a daughter of my heart. I will always be with you Cecilia.”

Screenshot-64She walked away from me, towards the edge of our yard, leaving me to think of her words, her goodbye. I didn’t see where she was going but when I turned around, she was no longer there.

I don’t know how long I stood, seemingly waiting for her to reappear but it became clear that she had let her soul fade from this world. Mark fetched me when darkness fell over the world. I guess he expected me to begin crying but I didn’t. This was want my Aunt had wanted and someday I would see her again.

Screenshot-65“I hope you know I’m doing this for you little one” I whispered to my stomach, rubbing my fingers across my huge bulge. I still had much to learn in the Outside and I had to take it once step at a time.

“What if I’m not home?” My husband’s voice caused me to look up. “You need to know. Just in case”

I took a deep breath, trying to remind myself that he was right. Aunt Arya was months gone and could no longer watch over my baby’s birth. Mark had been taking me to the doctor’s and I found they weren’t as frightening as I would have thought. I had agreed to birthing my child at the hospital now even.

Screenshot-66Which led to this.

I gripped the wheel tightly in my fingers, digging into the soft leather. Mark demanded I learn to drive a car. He had sold his pretty one to help us move here and all that he had been able to afford was this old thing. It wasn’t the best, but it would do he told me. Even better for me to learn in, just in case I did hit anything.

Screenshot-67He wanted me to learn before the baby was born…Which could be any day now. I didn’t think it was the best idea to make me, so heavy with child, learn to drive but he insisted. He took me out in the early mornings. This wasn’t my first time out on the road. He had taken me out a few times now, but I still felt nervous.

Screenshot-69Still it was very stressful with me and by the time we got back to the house, just as the sun was peeking over the trees, I fell into bed to take a nap. I heard Mark chuckle slightly, peeking in on me as I lay there but I didn’t mind it.

Screenshot-70When I got up, I was feeling much more energetic. I decided to practice my spells. Since Aunt Arya had decided to pass on, I had decided to practice my magic every day, sometimes a few times a day. Jared had given me a book she had kept, with a list of spells she knew written in the Old Way. I couldn’t read it well but using the words I knew, I was beginning to learn new ones.

Screenshot-71I loved feeling the magic flow through me. As it did, I could feel it flowing through the baby in my womb. As I was of magic, so should the child. Of course, I knew there was a chance the baby could be born a human, as was his father and grandfather, but there just as good a chance of them being born a witch, as his mother.

Screenshot-72Just then a sharp pain flooded through my stomach. My wand dropped from my fingers, clattering to the ground, the runes dying in the air. I was so shocked for a moment that I didn’t know what to do. Finally I found my voice and I shouted for my husband.

Screenshot-73Mark ran out and instantly panicked.  He seemed to forget all our plans for when labor hit me and I had to huff and puff for a moment before I could get the words out.

“Start the car”

“Oh! Right!” And he ran out the door. I waddled my way out, every step pain. I heard the car start he hopped back out to pull me into the car. I don’t remember much of the car drive there. I just hoped we got there soon.

Screenshot-75I was at least able to walk into the hospital myself. Mark was close behind me. He was worried but for some reason I was very calm. Somehow I knew it was going to be okay.

Screenshot-76After a short labor, it was I who carried our son from the hospital. We named him Edward. And I already could sense he did not carry any of my magic within him. That was for sure, but I didn’t fret. He was only the first of the children we would have. Besides that, Edward wouldn’t need magic to do great things. That I knew for sure.

As a side note, Jared marrying Chuck wasn’t really in the plan, but SP had done that. They seem happy together so I’m opting to letting them do as they will. I was hoping for a Aunt/Uncle to grow up with the Edward but the two men don’t seem to want to have any children either. Oh well, can’t blame a girl for wishful thinking. 

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1.3 Settling In

I’d like to apologize for taking so long on the third chapter. I’ve been quite busy of late and I haven’t had the time I’d like to play the sims. I managed to play a little while today, at least enough to get a new chapter out. Hurrah! Anyway, please enjoy!

ScreenshotI had alot to thank Mark for. It had been over a year since I left Dragon Valley. That initial boat trip had made me sick. And I don’t even want to talk about the…What did he call it? Air Plane? We arrived in Bridgeport first, as that was where he and his father lived. I didn’t like their tiny apartment and his father even said he had been meaning to move. My aunt Arya came with us and helped us gather our resources. After a year, we managed to make our way to a small country town, just me and Mark. It was called Appaloosa Plains and as we drove in, I fell in love.

As you can also see, I’ve done my fair share of changing since coming to the Outside. Long dresses never suited me and they’re not very much in fashion in places where the summers are warm and winters mild, though Mark promised me there would be snow. I cut my hair and Aunt Arya helped restyle it. She has also promised that she and Jared, Mark’s father, will be following us to Appaloosa Plains by the end of the month.

Screenshot-3First thing we did when we arrived was repurpose the one room to be Mark’s art room. He wanted to be an artist in full and I told him I supported him. He helped me escape my own fate, so I owed enough to him to support his dreams. Plus, I loved watching him paint. He thought that someday he’d like to sculpt too but he was unsure. I supported him in that too of course.

Screenshot-2In turn, he supported me in my dreams of becoming a famous musician. He told me that the theater in town were always looking for people who knew how to read and write music. While I couldn’t write it well, not yet, I could read it decently. So I applied for a job. I got an interview and he drove me to the theater and waited in the car while I was interviewed. I was hired that same day and I was so proud of myself. A simple girl from Dragon Valley, getting a job in the Outside. I could live here. My mother was wrong about me.

Screenshot-4For work, they asked me to learn how to play the piano. I was overjoyed. It was Aunt Arya’s favorite to play and I remembered the sweet melodies that she used to stroke from the keys. My songs weren’t so sweet yet, but I knew that in time I would find talent. Hopefully.

Screenshot-5I also began to learn to cook. Mark encouraged me to. I guess he wasn’t so good at cooking. He would joke that he could burn water, but I didn’t understand. Water could not be burned, so what exactly was he trying to tell me? Either way, I prepared a simple salad for our evening meal.

Screenshot-6He opted to wash the dishes since I cooked and I felt that was a fair arrangement. I was not a good cook, but he seemed to enjoy the salad. I guess I was going to be the cook for the family. Hopefully our children would all know how to cook. I guessed I would have to teach them.

The only thing about our tiny house was that I didn’t like the coloring in most of the rooms. I begged and begged Mark to have it redone in brighter colors. Look at that brown kitchen. While brown is a lovely color and Mark said it reminded him of my hair, I just wanted something brighter, happier.


Well, he must have relented because I left for work one day, dressed in the clothes they asked me to dress in. Though I refused to take off my necklace. That was special, given to me as a gift.

Screenshot-7When I came home from work that day our kitchen had been uplifted, its colors changed and I was so happy, I had showered Mark’s face with kisses. It was perfect. Bright and happy, filled with much more color and more pleasing to the eye than our old kitchen had been. He told me it had taken alot of money though and he had rushed to get some paintings done so we could cover our bills. I felt a little bad, asking him to use our money to re-do our kitchen. He soothed me though and it may have been a little easy. I so wanted a beautiful kitchen.

Screenshot-8The next day was gloomy, but Mark said it was fine. He wanted to go and put some of his paintings on display and see if he couldn’t sell a few of them. I decided to go with him, curious to see what the building he went to looked like. It was a humble place, like many of the buildings in this town were.

Screenshot-10I browsed the shop while he talked to the shopkeeper. I could hear him discussing things while I stood looking. There were some very interesting things in here. I wondered who bought these type of things. While I found them interesting, I didn’t find them attractive in anyway. Such odd people on the Outside.

Screenshot-11“Are you ready to go, love?” I heard Mark ask and I turned to look at him, a smile on my face.

“Of course, let’s go” I replied.

I know, I know, our life seems perfect. I mean, it was, most of the time. I didn’t understand some things though and it frustrated him. He didn’t understand some traditions that I carried over from Dragon Valley and it frustrated me. Sometimes there was a lack of communication I guess.

Screenshot-15The biggest being the fact that I wouldn’t sleep with him. You know, sleep with him. In Dragon Valley, women waited until they were married. I guess on the Outside, it depended on the couple. He never pressured me, not really, but he wanted to talk to me about it. I didn’t want to even talk to him about it. It scared me to think about it and I’d usually yell. He’d get this hurt look on his face and he’d say the words I hated to hear:

“Just forget about it” He mutter, looking dejected. “Forget I said anything at all”

Then he’d go paint or to sleep. I didn’t know why I shut down every time I tried to talk to him about it, but it was just a reaction I had. It was a sensitive subject back in Dragon Valley. I didn’t know how to talk about it here.

I wished Aunt Arya was here. She’d know what to tell me.

Screenshot-16But really we were happy. I mean it. I know the “fight” as I called it was me overreacting to something I had no experience with, but he still loved me. We’d sometimes just sit at night and watch the glass box with its moving pictures and just be happy. I loved him and I knew this place was where I was meant to be.

Screenshot-17I had never been happier.

Screenshot-18“There’s a festival in town for the summer” He told me as we ate breakfast. “We could see a hot dog eating contest”

I remembered our day on the beach. I put the fork down and looked up from my waffles. “Really?” I asked.

“We could take part too. Oh and we could do a water balloon fight and get our faces painted. There are snow cones too. It’ll be really fun” He smiled, knowing that I was already tempted to go. I had the day off and since he worked at home he could take off whenever he wanted. I hesitated though, unsure.

“There are going to be other people though”

“Well yeah.” He shrugged. He didn’t see why I still felt so out of place with other people. He always wanted to go out, but sometimes I rather hide in the house. “I’ll be there though Ceci. It’ll be fine”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the nickname he had given me, but a smile played on my lips. “Alright, let’s go to this festival of yours”

Screenshot-19He had pratically choked on his waffles to finish them. He was so excitable and soon he had pulled on his clothes and was driving us to the festival grounds. They weren’t far from  where we lived, just down the hill in fact.

It wasn’t crowded, there were a few others milling around in small groups. They played games, laughed, danced and I found myself loving the air of the place. I could see how playful and happy everyone was here and it was hard for me not to be the same.

We browsed and Mark talked to a few others. Finally, he suggested we dance. There wasn’t an exact area to dance. There were speakers everywhere, blaring music across the grounds for everyone to hear.

Screenshot-20We picked a spot and began to dance. I know we probably looked silly, but we didn’t care. We shuffled and spun, laughing and talking all the while. I had alot of happy days since coming here, but this had to be one of my happiest.

Screenshot-21Tired from the dancing, we moved off to get snow cones. Mark made me mine and told me it was cherry flavored. His was raspberry.  He dove right into it and I nibbled at it experimentally. It was a little overly sweet, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Screenshot-22When we stood, I wrapped my arms around him and smiled.

“I’m having a wonderful time” I told him in a soft voice.

“I know you are” And he smiled in that knowing way of his. It was just like that, something clicked and I knew what I had been doing wrong in our “fights”. It was a bit of a startling thought, but I realized that I was in Dragon Valley anymore. I was never going back. This place was my home now. The Old Ways were not the Ways of this town and they never would be.

And I no longer had to follow them.

Screenshot-23“I know how it can be better” I said, taking his hands.

He didn’t seem to understand, but I told him I wanted to leave and we left. I didn’t give him much of a warning when we entered the house. I guess maybe we should have talked first. Talking about things always got me in trouble though.

Screenshot-24And in the end, I guess I didn’t need to. He seemed to know what I wanted without words.


The new month was upon us, summer was coming to an end. The moon would be rising and I rode my broom through the forests and old paths of the town. I had been told to meet my Aunt Arya at a certain spot and I would not disappoint. I was excited, a grin on my face even as I raced the sun to the spot.

Screenshot-28It was full dark when I arrived, my Aunt already waiting for me. I stood behind her and waited for her to speak first. It seemed to take forever but finally she said:

“You have changed much, child. You are no longer the girl I knew back in our home, but a young woman now” And that made me shine brightly. “Come, stand with me by the water”

Screenshot-29We stood at the edge while the full moon shined down on us. Once again we fell silent. My heels seemed to sink into the mud and for once I wished I had worn boots or something better to be standing near water in. My aunt spoke again, her voice wispy and soft.

“The moon gives us power, young one. You should remember that. Teach it to your children and their children when time comes to pass” She told me and I laughed gently.

“Auntie, you’ll be around then, won’t you? Ghosts are immortal”

“Some of us are” She told me “But since leaving the Valley, I feel myself growing weaker.” She admitted and that scared me. I wanted to tell her that she couldn’t leave me but she silenced me with a gesture of her hand. “Use your magic, child. This water is old. Older than this town. Magic will bring it growth.” Then she walked away from me.


So I went to the edge of the reeds, standing steady upon stone and called upon the magic within my blood. It flowed easily out of me today, like blood from an open wound. I watched the runes and spells touch the water. Runes for life, magic for growth. I was giving new life to this old pond and I could feel the old magic deep within the earth flowing into me, energizing me in turn.

Screenshot-34My Aunt watched across the water, as if she had to make sure I knew what I was doing. I did though. The words flowed through my mouth as if I had said them a hundred times. One thing mother was right about: A good witch could be led on by instinct. Instinct guided me and the magic flowed.

I don’t know how long I stood there, chanting spells but it had to be near the witching hour when I dropped the wand back to my side. My aunt returned to stand by the side of the road after finishing her own spell.  I went to join her.

Screenshot-36We embraced tightly. “May the moon’s light watch over you” She whispered in my ear.

“You as well” I muttered back, shyly. I had never wished a blessing upon anyone before. I did not know if I was doing it right. She kissed my forehead as she pulled away.

“It has always watched over my, child. You need it more than I do now” And I wasn’t sure if her words were meant to encourage or scare me. That night, though, they did a little of both.

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1.2 Finding Freedom

Screenshot-43The morning was yet early when I was called downstairs. I apparently had visitors and found myself at the top of the steps, looking down at Mark and…an older man with him. Could that be his father?

Better question was, what were they doing here?

Screenshot-45I hurried down the steps where Mark hugged me and spun me in a circle. We had become good friends over the last two weeks. I showed him around the town when I wasn’t with Robert. I knew Robert would be sour if he knew that I was running around with another man.

“Hey Mark, how are you? What are you doing here?”

“I came to pick you up. Don’t worry, your mom showed us in. She met my dad.” He motioned at the other man. “She said its okay, as long as dad is there” I found that strange that my mother would allow this but…Perhaps she thought it’d be good for me or something.

Screenshot-46I got a good look at his father watching us. He looked very much like his dad. His dad had blue eyes though. I wondered what happened to his mother but I didn’t want to ask. Instead I held out my hand to his father and he shook it.

“It’s good to meet you finally Cecilia” He smiled and  he smiled so much like Mark.

“Thank you Mister Young, its good to meet you too” Then the three of us walked outside and to Mark’s car. Apparently, it had been a gift when he turned into a teen. His father valued freedom for him. I wish my mother was the same way. My father wouldn’t mind but he was always overridden by my mother.

Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49We drove for a long while, talking all the while. Mark would not tell me where we were going though. He just grinned and said it was a surprise. We drove until the road became grass. I could feel the bumps in my seat and almost wished to be upon the back of a horse instead. Of course, that was uncomfortable the whole ride. At least the car could be cool or hot and it was so fast. I wish I knew how to drive one.

Screenshot-50Soon enough we found ourselves at a little beach and I looked around at the lovely area. I had never been here before. I had never been permitted to go far from home though. This was a nice treat.

Screenshot-51“Be good, Mark” His father came up and hugged him. “I have my phone if you need anything. Don’t forget to pick me up on your way back.”

“Thanks dad. I won’t” And then I watched his dad turn and begin walking down the road. I knew there was a tavern about a mile up the road, but I expected his dad to stay with us.

“Where is he going?” I asked Mark.

“Oh to the Dragon’s Tavern. He’ll wait for me there.” He smiled and shrugged. “He doesn’t want to hang around us all day. Anyway, are you hungry?”

Screenshot-54He trotted out to his car and came back with a packet of…well he called them hot dogs. He put them on the grill. I watched him as he prepared them, asking him about life in the Other Worlds. He told me about the technology, the jobs, everything and I wanted it so bad that it made my stomach hurt.

Screenshot-56Finally though, the food was done and we began eating. It smelt good and I couldn’t wait to take my first bite.


“Oh wow these are good!” I said after taking my first bite. As soon as I was done talking I went in for a second. Wow, I had never tasted anything like this before.

“We have contests back home to see who could eat the most of these.” Mark laughed when he said that. I tried to imagine the world he came from, filled with wondrous things and hot dog eating contents. I couldn’t.

Screenshot-59“Anyway, I’m just glad you agreed to come on a date with me” He said, a smile playing on his face, his green eyes content.

Screenshot-60I began to choke on my hot dog and had to hit hit my chest a few times to dislodge it. I cleared my throat and I put the hot dog down.

“D-date?” I squeaked out. I hadn’t realized he thought of…I had to stand up, I couldn’t look at him for a moment. I had to think.

Screenshot-63I heard him stand behind me and I half-turned to glance at him. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what to say. Finally he said;

“We don’t have to call it a date if you don’t want to. I was mostly kidding” I noted how he said ‘mostly’ and I felt bad. I hadn’t told him about Robert. I couldn’t bring myself to.


Well, he changed his clothes in the bathroom and decided to sun himself on the beach. I began to play with my magic, just waving my wand, practicing my spells. Mark knew I was a witch but I had never used my magic in front of him before.

Screenshot-67He rolled onto his side to look at me as I raised my wand once more. He watched me for a long moment and I glanced over at him.

“Do you like being a witch?” He asked me suddenly and I lowered my wand.

“I do.” I smiled. “I couldn’t imagine living without magic.”

Screenshot-69“Hey” He said jumping up. “I got an idea. Let me go get changed” And then he ran towards the bathroom. I waited in the sand and he came back all changed. We got in his car and he drove off, even further into the countryside.

Screenshot-71Further and further we went, into the woods. The road became cobbled and I wasn’t sure what that meant. I saw us pass two houses exactly. They were small, with farms next to them. I had never been out this far and whenever I questioned Mark on where we were going all he would say is “You’ll see”


We ran along the lake, heading quickly down the path. Mark said he wanted to be there before dark. So we hurried along the length of the lake.

Screenshot-73Finally he stopped, pointing out the ruins of a water tower and a mine. He told me how he had explored around this area and found it. Apparently there were some ruins of some houses that he enjoyed poking around in. He apparently loved exploring outdoors and there was nothing wrong with that. He began to walk around, just talking.

He told me more about his friends back home. I told him about the few I had, back when I was a child. I had not seen them since I became a teen though and sadly they had probably forgotten about me by now.

Screenshot-75Finally as night fell, we decided to spend a little while longer together, and we sat beneath the stars. I looked up at them with a smile on my face, feeling content. I felt like I was free. I had found my freedom.

Screenshot-76Something warm covered my hand. I saw it was Mark’s hand.


Our eyes met.

I could no longer deny it. I had fallen in love with him.

A part of me regretted this. A part of me overflowed with happiness. Our eyes stayed locked for a long moment and I hope this moment would not end. But it did and we gazed into the sky.

Screenshot-79We gazed and spoke softly, whispering sweet nothings. It was wrong, I know. I was betrothed. I shouldn’t have been spending time with another man at all. I couldn’t deny the instant attraction to Mark though. I was in love.

Screenshot-80When we stood, he turned to wrap his arms around me, to bring me in for a kiss. I backed away, feeling tears in my eyes. I couldn’t. I couldn’t do this anymore. I was going to be married at summer’s end.

Screenshot-81“But…Cecilia…” He whispered. “I…I love you”

“I’m sorry Mark. I’m sorry. I…I’m engaged…I’m…I’m to be married at the end of the summer” And just like always, I was a coward and ran away. I always ran away, tears streaming down my face.

Screenshot-82I didn’t see the heartbroken look on his face as I left…

Screenshot-83When I got home, I burst into the secret room below my house. My aunt was playing a sweet melody on her piano but she stopped with a jerk when she heard the door slam open. She turned and saw me, tears running down my face.

“Dearheart, what happened?” She asked standing.

A sob broke from my lips and I couldn’t say a word.

Screenshot-84I just ran forward, burying my face in her shoulder, sobs shaking my shoulders now. She just wrapped her arms around me and held me close, whispering calming words in my ear. I had a feeling she knew what was wrong. She never asked again, she just comforted me.

That was all I needed at the moment.

Screenshot-85Two weeks later and me and Mark were talking again. Sort of. He came by and apologized and we had gone to the park once but it was a pretty vain effort. It was clear we had affection for each other. I often sat around the house and thought about it. I sent Robert away most times he came to the house anymore. He was getting angry, I knew but I didn’t care.

As I sat around my house, trying to think about what to do about Mark and Robert, my mother sat on the couch beside me. She was silent at first but then finally she spoke;

“We need to buy your wedding dress soon.”

I felt my temper stir. The last thing I wanted to think about was the stupid wedding. It just reminded me about how I couldn’t have what I wanted. I was denied the right to be happy. I had to live the way others wanted to me. was tired of it.

Screenshot-86My face wrinkled with disgust and good thing my mother was looking away else she probably would have sent a minor freezing spell my way or something.

“I don’t want to get married mother” I said bitterly. Her face snapped to mine and she saw the look on my face. She jumped up and I followed her, not wanting t be bullied again. I was tired of being bullied.

Screenshot-87“You will get married!” She yelled, pointing a finger at me. “You will not embarrass this family and you will marry Robert on the first day of fall. If you do not, you will have no home to come back to!”

“I already barely have a home to come back to! Everyone wants to rule my life! Everyone wants me to do what they want but I found someone who actually cares for me! And I love him!”

Screenshot-88“You what?!” She snarled at me.

“I couldn’t help it!” I was suddenly defending myself against my mother’s rage. I had never seen her so angry.

“You will not see this boy again! You will not leave this house again!”


“You are the biggest disappointment” And that hurt when she said that. I felt tears behind my lids once more. She stormed off, angry beyond words. I stood there for a moment, trying to hold back my sobs while she could still hear me.

Screenshot-91I sat on the couch once more, thinking about what had been said. I was thinking of Mark. I knew I had to talk to him again, if he’d forgive me. I needed to think though so I stood, walking towards the next room. There was a lovely view of the backyard and garden from there so I knew it would help me think.

Screenshot-92I stood there for a long time and I heard footsteps from behind. I knew who it was just from the sound of their feet on the floor. Thy walked slowly towards me and they stopped a few feet away.

“I heard you’ve been hanging around another guy.” I didn’t answer him.

Screenshot-93He grabbed my shoulder and spun me around saying, “I’m talking to you, wretch!”

“What would you like me to say Robert?” I asked him, feeling like I was at the end of my rope. “Anything I say, you’ll twist it. Yes, I’ve been hanging out with another man and you want to know the kicker? I’m in love with him”

Screenshot-95“You are lucky I don’t throw you out the window!” He roared at me. I backed away, fearful that he might.

“You wouldn’t” I hissed, hopeful that it was true.

“You’re right. You’re worth too much to do that but I will warn you of this, do not see that man again. If you do, I’ll make sure he suffers” His threat made my blood run cold.

He turned and walked out of the room then, leaving me alone. It was what I needed though, I had finally made my decision.

Screenshot-97“What are we here for?” Mark asked me, his voice wary. He didn’t trust me. I told him that this was super important and that’s the only reason he had agreed to come here with me.

“Just follow me” I headed into the room and down the stairs, he followed after me.

Screenshot-99I stopped, watching him walk ahead of me, looking at the strange stone hallway. He didn’t ask where we were going again. He was probably confused but I could see he was also curious. He was brave, Mark was.

Screenshot-100When we arrived my aunt was playing with her magic as usual. I didn’t know what she was making but I was sure it was something magical and beautiful. I wished I was as powerful as her. Then again, who knew how long she had been practicing her magic.

Screenshot-102His reaction to my aunt was kind of funny. He backed away, raising his hands as Aunt Arya drifted towards him. She smiled at this, unbothered by his reaction. He had probably never seen a ghost before.

Screenshot-103“Hello, child” She greeted him.

“Who…Cecilia, who is this?” He asked.

“I’m Cecilia’s Aunt. I died some time ago but, I’m still around as you can see” She paused, examining Mark for the longest time. “Would you like your fortune told?”

Screenshot-105He tried to say no but soon found himself sitting while my aunt gazed into his future. He looked shocked. It was almost comical. My aunt chanted and cooed to the ball and it seemed to answer her, showing her pictures of Mark’s future. Perhaps our future?

Screenshot-107I think Mark must have heard something himself for his face suddenly lit up and he smiled so brightly it was nearly blinding. I looked towards my aunt but she said not a world, she only smiled as well. Whatever he had seen, whatever he had heard, it clearly made him happy.

Screenshot-108When it was over, all my aunt said was “Remember what you learned, Mark” and then she stood, walking away, back towards her piano. Mark looked at me and slipped around the table, a smile on his face.

Screenshot-109“You know, I realized something after you brought me here” He told me, smiling brightly yet. Whatever he had learned from his fortune, it had made him cheerful.

“What?” I asked.

“That I love you and you love me too”

Screenshot-110And then he kissed me and it was the sweetest thing ever. My heart melted and I knew my feelings were true. This was my first kiss ever and I was happy it was him kissing me.

When he pulled away, we were both grinning like fools. “And just so you know, I have a plan to get you out of here and away from Robert.”

And he told me and soon I felt true hope for the first time.

Screenshot-111Night was falling on our Birthday. Summer was ending and it was time for us both to age up. Mark, myself, my aunt and his father all gathered in a secret place. I had snuck out of the house with the help of my aunt. Now, we were here to age up and then I would flee this place, never to return.

Screenshot-112Mark held me for the last time as a teenager and I smiled, feel calm. I wasn’t scared, not anymore. I knew this would work. My aunt’s reading came back to my mind. She said I would leave this place and never return. Oddly I was okay with that. I had no desire to return to this place.

Screenshot-115Mark went first and he turned out perfect of course.

Screenshot-119And then it was my turn to find myself. I felt like I made it through okay. I stood proudly, my hands on my hips. This was the last time I would look upon the realm of Dragon Valley.

Screenshot-120Mark came and embraced me. “You’re beautiful” He told me.

“You’re so handsome” I told him back and then he stepped back, smiling at me.

“Are you ready to leave this place behind?”

Screenshot-121I raised my eyebrow at him, a smart smile touching my lips. “Do you think I’d back down now? Let’s get out of here, my love. We have our whole lives in front of us”

“That we do” He agreed. Then the four of us got into his car and disappeared into the night.

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1.1 As Fate Has It

Screenshot   I sighed as I waited, feeling grim. He was late again. He was always late. Not that I cared. I didn’t want him here and yet I would not be permitted to leave this room until he arrived and we spoke, even for a short period of time. I knew my mother lurked in the other room, watching to make sure I didn’t leave. So, I sat alone, in the room, waiting. My name is Cecilia Woodsberry and I’m the only daughter of a powerful family of witches. One such as me was not used to waiting and I disliked sitting in this room, as it grew ever colder. No one had built a fire in here today and I knew mother would be sour if I rose and cast a flame charm into the fireplace. My magic scared the man I was waiting for. Screenshot-2“Ah, you did wait for me this time” Said a voice and I looked up to see my betrothed walking towards me, a pleased smile playing on his lips. His name was Robert and he was of the Kingsline here in Dragon Valley. While we no longer had a proper court or royal family, his family was known to be related to the last King. He was a slightly plump boy, free to eat as he pleased due to his family’s riches. He looked very much like his father, Robert Senior, with dark brown hair and honey brown eyes. He was handsome I supposed and he was already a part of the King’s Guard, the elite soldiers of Dragon Valley but I had little affection for him. Our union was created by our parents when we were still babies. He was a few months older than I and I had known him the whole of my life. I still resented him. Screenshot-3He sat next to me on the couch and I leaned forward, holding back another sigh. I forced a smile onto my face, even as he talked about my least-favorite subject. Our wedding. “I’m thinking the first day of fall will be beautiful for our wedding. You can wear a red and brown dress to match the leaves and I will wear my best set of armor.” He suggested, still smiling. Marrying me would make him powerful. Our children would be both powerful in riches and magic or so everyone hoped. “Oh, I don’t know, Robert” I sighed. “I would like a spring wedding” And all the more time to avoid moving into his castle on the other end of the town, far from my twin brother, my kind father and my sometimes-kind mother. Let me tell you something about Robert, he was not used to not getting his way. The only son of the Kingsline, he was spoiled and demanding. He still threw tantrums and I was glad he would never be a King. He stood, yanking me off the couch, has face red, my comment having slighted him. Screenshot-5“How many times have I told you, wretch?” He growled. “We will marry the day after your birthday! On the first day of fall!” “Bu-but I always wanted a wedding when it was warm…” I stuttered, trying not to back down to him, not this time. “And I demand a fall wedding! I will not wait around while some man tries to court you behind my back! You will marry me after your birthday and be glad that I do not make you stand upon the alter any sooner!” Screenshot-7I could feel tears burning in my eyes so I widened them, not wanting the tears to spill over. To cry before Robert would just add fuel to the fire. He yelled more and I nodded and apologized until my tongue burned. Screenshot-8But I could take no more of his childishness so I turned upon my heel and fled the room. I heard him shout after me, but he did not run after me. I passed my mother and knew there would be strong words later. Screenshot-9I burst out the door, running towards the stairs. This led to our backyard where there was a…a secret place. A place only special people could find and I was one such of those people. Screenshot-10Here it was, hidden in plain sight. The door was magical and most could not see it or so I was told. It must have been powerful magic to hide it from my mother. She was the most powerful witch in generations of our family. Screenshot-11The first hall was dark and dank, but the light from the outside poured into the ground behind me. I walked forward, towards another set of stairs which led deeper underneath our house. I had found this place one day when I was yet a child, after my mother and I had fought. Me and my mother had never been on the best of terms. I understood she was trying to do good for me, but I wanted to live my life. I couldn’t have someone else write the pages for me. Screenshot-12When I saw the ivy upon the walls, I knew I was getting close. It was warm down here, almost a paradise and that was why the plants grew so well around here. I walked slowly down the hall, savoring the warmth and touching the leaves of the plants gently as I passed. Screenshot-13The door at the end of the hall loomed ever closer. I smiled more brightly as I approached it. A secret room with a secret within, hidden away all for me. I walked a little bit faster, nearly running now, wanting to get to the room and find the comfort my own mother should have provided me. Screenshot-14As I stopped in the room, I spotted her on the other side, looking at the ancient book as if it held all the secrets to the world and it should be her to uncover them all. She heard the door shut and she looked up, a smile playing on her translucent face. “Dear heart, it’s the middle of the day. What are you doing down here?” Screenshot-16Meet my Aunt Arya. She died a long time ago, but she won’t tell me how long ago. Her hair looks choppy, as if she had cut it off in a hurry but she won’t talk about her hair…or her life before she died. She just told me she’s been living under our house for a long time and I’m the first person who found her since she died. I tried asking my mother about her and my father too but my father was an only child. My mother had a sister I know, but she disappeared shortly after turning eighteen. I think Aunt Arya is her, but as I’ve said, no one will tell me. Screenshot-17I told her, as I always did, of my troubles and we spoke a long time on them. She always knew just what to tell me to make me feel better. It was easy to forget my aunt was dead because she was so wise. I wonder if she got that way before or after she died. Screenshot-18“How about this, love?” She offered. “I’ll read your fortune” I got really excited and practically shouted “Really?” “Yes, yes, now sit down in the chair” She motioned to the chairs beside us and I had to clap my hands in excitement quick. She never read my fortune. Or anyone’s as far as I knew. Not her own and not mine and there was no one else’s to read. Screenshot-19We sat across from each other and she put her hands about the crystal ball and began to chant gently in another language that I didn’t know. She stared hard into the crystal ball and it began to glow with a soft pink light. Her eyes never left the ball as she kept speaking to it, reading the images that only she saw. Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21I watched with fascination wishing I could take the ball into my own hands and read my future myself. She said it took alot of energy to read one’s own future. I guess the futures of others were easier to read. Still finally she let go of the ball and was silent a few minutes. “Child, this summer is going to be special. I ask that you be careful though and do not show your hand too quickly less all you work for be lost. You will find you freedom, if you are brave enough. You will leave this town…and you will never return, if you choose the right one.” “The right what, Auntie?” I asked, breathless. The thought of leaving this town and never returning was wonderful to me. I knew a whole other world existed outside of this one, that only this world was trapped in the older age but in other places, there was technology that I never even saw before. “You will know. I hope, child” She told me and then she bowed her head, weary. Screenshot-22She stood and quickly pulled me into her arms, hugging me with her cold arms. “I love you as my own child, Cecilia. Be wise, be brave. Your life is going to change forever soon.” she warned me, whispering in my ear, though there was no one else to hear. I was confused but I nodded. Aunt Arya couldn’t be wrong.

Screenshot-25“I know you like to sit in this park for hours and I have business to conduct. I’ll be back soon enough to escort you home alright?” Robert said, as if I couldn’t walk home myself. I nodded, smiling, trying to behave. “I’ll be back love.” Then he kissed my cheek and was gone. Robert hated being outdoors but I quite enjoyed it. So I sat in the park by my lonesome but it was fun to watch the other people in the park. I was safe enough here. So I wasn’t afraid of being attacked, plus it was the middle of the day. No shadows here. Screenshot-26I smiled, happy to be by myself. I could think and I could enjoy my time by myself. I could pretend I didn’t have to marry Robert. I could pretend I wasn’t a witch, or from a powerful family. Sometimes when sitting in the park, one could see tourists. The outside world discovered Dragon Valley about fifty years ago. Slowly, they had been giving us improved technology while people from the Other World came to tour ours. I guess they enjoyed seeing a bunch of people stuck in the past. Still, they were interesting and if I had not been in the park that day, I would have never seen him. Screenshot-27He was different. He walked with confidence and my eyes were instantly drawn to him as he walked by me. I couldn’t say what exactly was different about him from other boys I knew, but he was different. he was a tourist, that much was clear just by his pants. Screenshot-28And his hair, which had blue tips on it. Somehow I thought they might just be how his hair was. Still, it was styled so wildly, I knew my mother would flush furiously at the thought of a young man styling his hair that way. Screenshot-29Our eyes met, my dark red into his bright green. I felt my heart quicken and I couldn’t say why. He was so handsome though and so different. I wanted to get to know him. I wanted to talk to him, wanted to get to know him. Screenshot-30He walked on and I watched, feeling my heart still pounding. I felt slightly faint. How was it that a young man could get such a reaction out of me? I was so confused and yet I would have done anything to get to know him in that moment. Screenshot-31Eventually, Robert came back for me, or so I thought. “Sorry, my love, my father requires me some more hours. Would you like me to escort you home now?” He was being kind today and it took all I had to return in kind. “No thank you, Robert. I would like to sit in the park a while longer. I shall be fine on my way home” He smiled simply and bid me farewell, giving me a chaste kiss on my cheek. I waved to him, watching him return to City Hall. Screenshot-32I spent some time looking at the gardens in the park, imagining having a house of my own and planting such a garden. It was a wonderful thought but I knew my mother would never allow me to live on my own. It would not do for a woman of such high blood to live by herself. Screenshot-33“So what’s your favorite type of flower? I like roses, they’re beautiful to paint” A voice said and I turned. Screenshot-34It was the young man for earlier and I felt my cheeks begin to flush. But then I realized he had asked me a question and I cleared my throat. “I like daisies.” I told him. “Any particular reason?” “No” I answered honestly. “I’ve always just liked them” Screenshot-35“Well, they are rather pretty I suppose. My name is Mark Young. I’m here on summer vacation with my dad.” He smiled and he had such a beautiful smile. I, for once, didn’t have to force my own smile. “My name is Cecilia Woodsberry” “Woodsberry? Isn’t that one of the three powerful families in this town?” he asked and I was shocked that he knew that. “Yes.” I answered him. “I’m the second child of the Woodsberry’s.” And I sighed because I hated the title. He changed the subject, clearly sensing my unease and we began talking. I don’t even know how long we talked, but he was easy to talk to and easy to listen to. Screenshot-38We talked until it began to get dark and then I realized I would be in trouble with my mother if I did not get home soon. I began to say my goodbyes, knowing I had a long walk ahead of me when Mark stopped me. “Let me give you a ride” “A ride?” I asked, puzzled. “Do you have a horse?” “No, I have a car though and I can drive” He answered, bringing a pair of keys from his pocket. I looked at them mystified. “Oh that’s right. Cars aren’t commonplace to use in this town are they? Well come on, I’m parked over here” Screenshot-39I followed him to his…car and saw him get in. He looked over at me, clearly waiting. I hesitated on the curb, unsure. This this was rather noisy and I didn’t know what to think of it. “Are you getting in?” He asked. I decided then to be brave. I got in the car, shutting the door a little hard behind me. He drove a little fast for my liking but I was there just as dinner was being set on the table. I darted in the house, calling my thanks behind me and hurried to get to dinner before my mother was sour with me. Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42We Woodsberrys were a large clan. We had been in Dragon Valley since the beginning, using our magic to fight the dragons and then to help keep them small. It wasn’t hard to find someone looking like a Woodsberry or with magical blood and link them back to us. Even father was a shoestring cousin to mother, who had been the Woodsberry heir. His skin was much lighter than her’s and that was where I figured I got my pale skin from. My twin brother, Carter, looked much like father. He was older than I and with his tan skin, we both knew he would inherit the house from a young age. He was not betrothed but I’m sure mother was looking. We didn’t speak much at dinner that night but my own head was swimming. Auntie’s reading for me, meeting Mark…I couldn’t help but smile. No one seemed to notice how high my mood was and that was all for the better…surely they would have found some way to ruin it.

A/N: Hello and welcome. Thank you for reading the first chapter and as a side note, this was played in a different save file. I wanted to give a little backstory for Cecilia. It won’t be longer than three chapters, so its not too much. Anyway, again, I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

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